Squareline Modified


What is Squareline Modified?

Squareline Modified builds on our most popular washroom cubicle system, but with a twist.

While the standard Squareline system features frontals mounted on an aluminium leg, and overhead bracing, the Squareline Modified has a more seamless appearance with frontals extending from floor to ceiling. This gives an appearance of a full height cubicle system.


Squareline Modified can be manufactured using 13mm multi-purpose compact laminate board, or 18mm or 33mm pre-laminated board.

For more information, see our Materials section.

Sizes and configurations

Typical standard toilet cubicle size is 900mm wide x 1500mm deep overall. For showers, this depth can be extended to 1800mm overall with the inclusion of a wing wall and shower seat.

The Squareline Modified can also be manufactured to suit non-standard sizes, in accordance with design or building requirements.

The Squareline Modified system is set 200mm above the finished floor level, with the exception of the frontal blades which are fixed to the floor and over-flashed with 110mm high brushed satin stainless steel plinth flashing and finish to the underside of the ceiling.


The Squareline Modified system is most suited to:

  • Offices
  • Gymnasiums
  • Nightclubs
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centres
  • Factories and warehouses


D.I.Y Design

Use our Design Showroom and choose the right system and create the most up-to-date design to suit your application. You can choose a cubicle system from our range of standard configurations, or talk to us about adapting one of our systems for your specific and unique requirements