Ceiling Suspended


What is Ceiling Suspended?

Our Ceiling Suspended system is specifically designed for a range of unique applications specifically requiring ease of cleaning and access, while also providing an attractive alternative to our other systems.

The Ceiling Suspended system is connected by a suspension beam mounted above the ceiling line. The system has no floor mounting and is entirely supported from the ceiling.

We require that the ceiling not be in place prior to cubicle installation, allowing us clear access to the beam structure.


Ceiling Suspended can be manufactured using 33mm pre-laminated board.
For more information, see our Materials section.

Sizes and configurations

Typical standard toilet cubicle size is 900mm wide x 1500mm deep overall.

The Ceiling Suspended system can also be manufactured to suit non-standard sizes, in accordance with design or building requirements.

The Ceiling Suspended system is set 300mm above the finished floor level with divisions, doors and nibs finishing 1800mm high. The cubicle frontal blades are connected to a suspension beam and mounting brackets set above the ceiling line.


The Ceiling Suspended system is most suited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical centres


D.I.Y Design

Use our Design Showroom and choose the right system and create the most up-to-date design to suit your application. You can choose a cubicle system from our range of standard configurations, or talk to us about adapting one of our systems for your specific and unique requirements