Quality Washroom Cubicle Manufacture and Installation

Flush Partitions Australia Pty Ltd

commenced operations in April 2007 in the Australian washroom and change room cubicle manufacture and installation market.Flush Partitions Australia offers a range of cubicle systems, from standard designs to customised systems to suit a range of applications and configurations.  Customised partition systems can be created to suit contemporary architectural designs or challenging building requirements.We can work with you to determine the best options to suit your specifications, timeframe and budget.As a small company, and with our extensive knowledge, we have the flexibility and the capacity to deliver quality installations on-time and on-budget.

Your investment stays here

Flush Partitions is wholly Australian-owned, meaning your investment stays in Australia, supporting the Australian building and construction industry.


D.I.Y Design

Use our Design Showroom and choose the right system and create the most up-to-date design to suit your application. You can choose a cubicle system from our range of standard configurations, or talk to us about adapting one of our systems for your specific and unique requirements